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HVAC Maintenance For Your Commercial Property

7/21/2020 (Permalink)

As a commercial property owner, you are very aware regular maintenance is a vital part of keeping your business running efficiently. Equipment and machinery need to be cared for so that you don’t lose business, time, or money. Scheduled maintenance will ensure that this is done. An important maintenance aspect of your business is the interior environmental climate you provide for your staff and clientele, so proper HVAC maintenance should definitely be high on your list of maintenance projects.

You may want to consider setting up a contract with a professional HVAC company to save you time. The owner of a smaller business may decide to maintain their system themselves, but larger companies could probably benefit from professional assistance.

A professional that handles large-scale maintenance of this kind will have a set schedule that will include tune-ups, clean-and-checks, and other services that are needed to keep your HVAC system and units performing at their best, such as changing all the filters and humidifier pads on a regular basis. These are important maintenance tasks that will prolong the life of your system, and your HVAC company will include that in your contract. 

Your natural gas heating system will need to be tested ahead of colder weather, to see if carbon monoxide is being released into spaces in your building. This is a project that would be difficult for anyone without training. With the appropriate equipment, a professional HVAC maintenance company can determine oxygen levels, carbon monoxide levels, and flue temperature, all of which will ensure that your furnaces are adjusted for optimum performance and safety.

Before you sign any maintenance contract, consider both the costs and the benefits. You may enjoy priority service calls at reduced rates when you have a maintenance contract with some companies, and if you choose this option, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing there is an experienced team doing all those regular inspections and necessary maintenance on your behalf. 

Here at SERVPRO of North Nashville, we are HVAC experts, and we have the experience and equipment necessary to keep your system functioning properly year-round. We are fire damage and water damage specialists, and we handle mold remediation and prevention, too.

What To Do When Your Basement Floods

7/14/2020 (Permalink)

If your basement is affected by a flood as a result of stormy weather or malfunctioning machinery or appliances, it can create a lot of problems for the homeowner. Basements are very often used for storage, and items such as books, photos, electronics, and textiles can be difficult to manage when they are water-logged and damaged. We here at SERVPRO of North Nashville have some tips to help you out!

Act quickly to handle the situation, but make sure safety is always your first concern. If you have a large amount of standing water in your basement, call your power company, electrician, and/or your professional water damage cleanup team immediately, while keeping everyone away from the area to avoid injury. Exposed wires in water are not to be tampered with, for obvious reasons! Experienced professionals will be able to determine the best, and safest, steps to take in beginning the cleanup process without increasing the risk of fire damage from the exposed wires.. 

While you are waiting for the pros, you can do a few things that can be helpful. A shop-vac can clean up smaller amounts of standing water while using dehumidifiers and fans will move air around, and that discourages mold growth and mildew. Make sure to keep them at least 8 inches away from walls to allow for the best circulation. Your air conditioning can be a big help here, too, so it should stay running in the rest of the house. Don’t turn on a window unit in any basement windows if it’s flooded. 

Scrub hard surfaces with a solution of one cup bleach to one gallon of water while wearing gloves and protective eyewear. Remember to keep the room ventilated, too.

If your valuable documents or papers have been affected, you can actually save them by placing them in the freezer. This may stop the growth of mildew or deterioration until you can take a better look at them. Storing important items in the basement may not be your best practice, but if you don’t have space anywhere else, then using air- and water-tight plastic bins should help protect your items if your basement floods again. 

Here at SERVPRO of North Nashville, we are always ready to help if you are affected by water damage, fire damage, or other disastrous events. We handle large cleanup projects for commercial business owners and smaller projects for area homeowners. We’re mold remediation specialists, too!

Protect Your Home From Summer Storms

6/29/2020 (Permalink)

A smart homeowner will take the steps necessary to be ready for any kind of inclement weather. Today, we here at SERVPRO of North Nashville would like to focus on some vulnerable areas of your home and share some tips that can help you protect your property from the damages that can happen during those Middle Tennessee summer storms:

Roofing Inspections. Inspect your roofing on a regular basis to help you identify issues like minor leaks or missing shingles. If you do find issues, make sure that you get them repaired as soon as possible, and definitely before summer storms hit the area. If your home does suffer storm damage, remember that SERVPRO of North Nashville is here to help you with your repair and cleanup.

Landscaping Upkeep. Heavy rain and high winds are expected during the storms of summer, and dead tree branches, unhealthy vegetation, and unstable trees can often cause serious damage when they are uprooted or broken off. Be sure to cut back your plants and trees properly, and dead or dying limbs and plants wherever necessary. 

Storm Windows. Investing in high-quality storm windows to prevent leaks and other storm damage is a smart idea that will help you protect your home from summer storms. In addition to adding another layer of protection to your home, they are also energy-efficient, so you will enjoy savings in your energy costs over the coming years. 

Driveway/Entranceway. Your driveway and your entrance need to be in good repair ahead of inclement weather. Replace buckling concrete and other hazards before large amounts of water produce an even bigger issue, to help avoid accidents and injuries to anyone entering or leaving your home.

Basement. Basements are a place in your home where leaks will show up and often go unnoticed, so doing an inspection both before and after wet weather will help you spot a problem and allow you to fix it, readying your property before a summer storm.

If you need some more information on how to prevent storm damage to your home, contact us here at SERVPRO of North Nashville. We specialize in cleanup from water and fire damage, no matter the size, and we’re mold remediation specialists. Visit us online for a complete list of our services.

Firework Safety

6/23/2020 (Permalink)

Fireworks may look pretty and are fun to set off, but they can prove to be a real danger to your family, your home, and others around you. Whatever the situation may be, be sure to practice the utmost safety when handling fireworks. When misused, they may cause injury, fire damage, or wildfires. Be sure to check if consumer fireworks are legal in your area. Here are some tips on how to be safe around fireworks during the holiday season from your friends here at SERVPRO of North Nashville! 

  • Do not let children and young teenagers light or operate the fireworks. Children should not be handling fireworks and should be under strict supervision. Make sure the person who is setting them off is a responsible adult who has not been drinking prior. It is also recommended that the person using the fireworks wears safety glasses.
  • Before using the fireworks, read all safety and warning labels. Do not use fireworks that do not have warning labels or fireworks that have been bought illegally. If it is an outdoor celebration, only purchase and use consumer fireworks from a licensed dealer. 
  • When you buy fireworks illegally, it can often lead to unexpected explosions. Do not use any fireworks for any purpose besides what they were made for, and do not combine multiple fireworks and light them off as one. It is illegal to make your own fireworks, and building your own can be incredibly dangerous. As mentioned previously, follow local and state laws and regulations.
  • Keep water close at hand, whether it be a hose or a bucket of water. This will be used to put out stray flames or sparks. Pour water onto any area that was used when lighting your fireworks. If you have any unused fireworks, do not throw them in the garbage, but instead, check your area’s local waste management system for proper removal so as to avoid any unwanted trash fires and the resulting fire damage.
  • When actually lighting the firework, make sure it is on level, solid ground where it cannot tip over. It is also advisable to use a multipurpose lighter instead of matches. Be sure to not have your hands and face directly over the firework when lighting it and do not attempt to light again if it does not go off.
  • Be wary of your surroundings by planning where people will be spectating and which direction the fireworks will be fired. Do not buy fireworks that are too large for the area you are lighting them in, and be sure that the spectators are a safe distance away. Never light fireworks indoors or near combustible materials and set them off away from buildings and onlookers to minimize the possibility of fire damage to your property.
  • Be prepared just in case of an emergency where an injury occurs. Be familiar with first-aid information and call emergency services when needed.

You must always prioritize your safety and the safety of others before using fireworks. If you are in an area where you do not have enough space to use them, it is advisable to not buy them. However, if you are in a situation where fireworks do cause fire damage, do not hesitate to reach out to professionals to help restore your home building. Here at SERVPRO of North Nashville, we are experts in fire damage repair and restoration, and we are always willing to help!

Mold Removal Tips For Your Bathroom

6/16/2020 (Permalink)

Your bathroom is a potential breeding ground for mold, simply because moisture can easily build up. Mold only needs four ingredients besides moisture to grow, this includes humidity, organic material, and oxygen. You can find all four of these things in your bathroom at home, which makes it easily susceptible to mold. It is a good idea to regularly inspect your bathroom to ensure that it does grow out of control and damage your home or health. Common causes of bathroom mold include lingering moisture due to lack of ventilation, leaky fixtures such as sinks, or damp cellulose materials such as wood that mold can feast on. 

One danger of bathroom mold is that it isn’t in the most obvious areas. Thoroughly inspect the entirety of your bathroom, this includes underneath sinks, exhaust fans, the access doors to shower and bath fixtures, or even in crawl spaces and basements underneath the bathroom. The most common places to find mold are caulk, tile grout, and painted or wallpapered walls.

How can you prevent mold from growing in your bathroom? Here are some tips:

  • Turn on the bathroom ventilation fan when you take a shower or bathe, and leave it on for at least 30 minutes afterward. If you do not already have a fan, it is in your best interest to install one. 
  • Wash and dry your bathroom rugs regularly.
  • After using the shower, wipe down the shower walls with a towel or squeegee.
  • Buy a mildew-resistant shower curtain, and wash or replace it frequently. After using the shower, keep open the curtain to let it dry.
  • Mop any water spills on the floors and counters. 
  • Avoid keeping too many shampoo and other body product bottles in the shower, or do not keep them in there at all. Also, avoid keeping toys and loofahs in the shower. They all provide places for mold to grow and hide. 
  • Keep humidity levels low, and use an air conditioner or dehumidifier to help control these levels.

If the mold comes back or worsens, you might want to consider calling the professionals to properly remove the problem areas. Do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of North Nashville before the mold grows out of control. Not only are we faster to any size disaster, but we also are highly trained mold remediation specialists who only want to help you!

Deep Cleaning For Your Business

6/1/2020 (Permalink)

Have you ever considered that your business might need a deep clean? More thorough than typical janitorial services, a deep clean offers a slew of benefits for your business, your employees, and your customers. While regular cleaning services may save you money, they won’t be able to really clean where it counts. In the long run, you won’t regret hiring SERVPRO to make your business Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

For starters, your employees will be happier when they are working in an environment where it is free from dust and dirt. A fresh and clean workspace will keep your employees healthier along with increasing their productivity, and your customers and whoever else enters your business will benefit from a spotless environment as well. A deep cleaning will get your business looking not only clean but professional as well.

One deep cleaning process is the cleaning of ventilation systems. They are often the biggest contributor to poor indoor air quality. Many business owners fail to realize the importance of clean indoor air. Within a business, the air may be contaminated with different particulates, which is then continuously circulated by the ventilation system. Polluted indoor air quality leads to a significant drop in productivity. It is believed that dirty, polluted air minimizes human cognitive function. Unhealthy indoor air is incredibly harmful to employees and customers. These ventilation systems and air ducts need to be cleaned regularly to keep them free of pathogens and other irritants. When any allergens, bacteria, dust, debris, mold, and dirt are removed from the air ducts, not only will it be easier and healthier to breathe, your HVAC system will also perform more efficiently. 

A thorough cleaning of your workplace environment is also advantageous in preventing the spread of disease. Disinfecting shared areas, such as bathrooms, breakrooms, and training rooms, decrease the possibility of employee illness. 

Another aspect of deep cleans is carpet, walls, and hard floor cleaning. By wiping down walls, and deep cleaning your floors it will remove any dirt and make your business more presentable. Consider investing in deep cleaning for your business and you will notice an improvement in customer and employee satisfaction! For any and all commercial cleaning services, do not hesitate to reach out to SERVPRO of North Nashville. We are experts at all kinds of cleaning and want to make your business Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

How Quickly Can Mold Spread After Water Damage?

5/26/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growth is a serious problem and when left untreated it can cause a multitude of issues, for your home and health. What is mold? It is a fungus made of decomposed organic material, and in small quantities, it is not usually dangerous. However, it needs to be removed and prevented before growing to an unsafe size. One of the biggest problems with mold is that it can begin to grow in as little as 24 hours after water damage. It grows well in dark and damp environments, but if your home has recently suffered from water damage, then your home is a viable location for mold growth. Besides moisture, mold needs at least three other things to grow: food (any organic material), humid temperature and environment, and oxygen. Has your home recently experienced water damage, and you are afraid of mold growth? Here are some tips to fight it off before it starts:

  • Remove any remaining water and dry areas immediately. Special vacuums are available designed to suck up water, but you can also use traditional tools such as a mop and bucket. If the water came from a natural flood or sewer backup, do not attempt to remove it unless you have adequate protective equipment. This kind of water usually has a cocktail of contaminants that you do not want to touch. Contact the necessary professionals, such as SERVPRO of North Nashville, if you are unable to remove it yourself.
  • Remove any furniture, carpet, and other items not bolted down from the area inflicted with water damage. If they are damp, you can dry them yourself by leaving out in the sun or by using a heater. Mold will grow underneath these carpets if you do not dry them out. 
  • Dry out the affected areas with fans and dehumidifiers, and if the weather outside is sunny and dry, then consider opening any windows and doors to help air out your home. It is also recommended to dry any other wet surfaces with a rag. Eliminate any excess moisture as soon as possible to minimize the occurrence of mold.
  • During this process, be wary of any spores, which can be green, brown, or black. Keep an out on the affected area by looking for any visual signs of growth or odd smells. 
  • If you do find mold, remove it carefully and completely. If you do not remove all of it at once then there is a high possibility that it will regrow. Get rid of any furniture or other items that have begun to grow mold. Clean and sanitize different surfaces and all possible sources of mold. Over-the-counter cleaning solutions are available at your local hardware store that can eliminate bacteria and prevent mold from growing.
  • Try to keep the room’s humidity low in order to keep the mold from growing. You need to keep the room at a low humidity level for at least a few days after this to prevent it. 

Dealing with mold can be dangerous. Even with these steps, it is possible for mold to grow back when you are not careful enough. Black mold is even more dangerous, and if you ever encounter mold or black mold within your home then reach out to the proper professionals to handle it so that you do not endanger yourself or your family. Feel free to call us, SERVPRO of North Nashville, for your mold remediation and restoration needs. We have highly-trained specialists who are always willing to help you remove mold from your home!

How Tree Removal Prevents Storm Damage

5/19/2020 (Permalink)

Do you live in an area where storm and bad weather conditions are frequent? Is your house situated next to trees and you are concerned about the safety of your home? You might want to consider removing any trees near your house that could be capable of damaging your home. Falling trees and limbs cause millions of dollars in destruction each year damaging homes, cars, and downing power lines. Take proactive measures by inspecting the surrounding trees regularly and remove them if necessary. Any trees that show hazardous signs of weakness need to be removed before storm season or they could topple. 

Signs to look out for include:

  • Unsafe proximity to power lines or your home
  • Deep hollows or holes
  • A large number of dead branches, especially if the branches are large in diameter
  • Cracks in the trunk of the tree, especially vertical cracks
  • Decay affecting more than half of the tree
  • Prevalent trunk rot, mushrooms, or other fungi
  • Leaning trunks, especially if the leaning trunk has exposed roots on one side

Not all trees grow the same, some are more prone to storm damage than others. For example, a tree with shallow roots growing in soft soil could easily fall over onto your property with the aid of strong winds. It is also possible for trees to grow roots strong enough to damage the foundation of a house, create cracks in the sidewalks, or plug up septic systems. The most common types of storm damage include:

  • Branch failure, where branches break away from the tree trunk, falling to the ground or getting trapped in foliage.
  • Blow-over, where the tree heavily leans to one side and/or topples over completely.
  • Root failure, where the roots are not able to anchor into the soil correctly, this can contribute to a blow-over.
  • Crown twist, where there is pressure on an asymmetrical treetop that causes branches to split or warp.

You might also want to consider pruning these trees, which can prevent many problems. Quick removal of damaged, diseased, or dead plant parts helps limit the spread of harmful disease and insects, and can reduce the chance of future storm damage. However, over-pruning can weaken a tree significantly.

There are some instances where removal of a tree is absolutely necessary, especially when the tree lacks any structural integrity or there is a decline in health. Remove any trees around your property when it has major decay or significant damage from a past storm, failure to remove the tree can prove a dangerous threat to your family and home. If you failed to remove a tree before it fell over and damaged your property, do not worry! You can call SERVPRO of North Nashville for any storm damage needs. We’re faster to any disaster, highly trained storm damage specialists, and we have the resources to handle storms and disasters. We are always happy to help!

Protect Your Home By Cleaning Your Gutters

5/13/2020 (Permalink)

Have you considered cleaning out your gutters? While cleaning them may seem like a daunting task, it is a chore that is beneficial for your home and can save you money. If you still need convincing, here are some more reasons why you should regularly clean your gutters:

  1. When your gutters and downspouts are clogged with leaves and other debris, it may cause water damage. Rainwater cannot drain properly when there is a blockage in the gutters. This will cause the water to overflow and create damage to the interior and exterior of your building or home. Excess water can also create a leaky or rotten roof.
  2. By leaving leaves trapped in your gutter, it becomes a desirable home for different kinds of pests, from rodents to insects. Prevent a pest infestation by removing those leaves!
  3. The excess water can also pool around the foundation of your building if it is blocked from traveling away from your home. This pool of water can crack your foundation in the winter when it expands and freezes in the cold weather. 
  4. By taking early preventative measures, gutter cleaning can help minimize the possibility of having to replace or repair your roof. Cleaning your gutters regularly will save you money.
  5. Debris buildup can also eventually lead to sagging gutters, mold growth, and wet basements, all of which can be very costly.

To prevent the worst from happening, clean your gutters! Make sure to clean them at least twice a year, in the spring and fall, and clean even more if your home or building is situated around trees. Tools you will need for gutter cleaning include a ladder, a hose, and a scoop or trowel. When using a ladder, practice the utmost safety, and if you do not feel comfortable, do not hesitate to call us, the professionals, here at SERVPRO of North Nashville

  1. It is recommended that you wear gloves while cleaning for ease and convenience. Have two buckets alongside you, one to hold the debris, and the other to hold your tools.
  2. You should begin cleaning near a downspout. Confirm that your ladder is secure and on level ground before you start to climb it. 
  3. Remove any large debris such as leaves and twigs by hand, then for the more compact debris use your gutter scoop.
  4. Remove and clean the downspout strainers. Then flush out the gutter with water, using your hose, and starting at the end, opposite of the downspout. Replace the downspout strainers when finished.
  5. Once the gutters are cleaned, check the downspouts for any lodged debris. If any remain, use the hose again to spray down the spout.
  6. Use the hose one more time to flush the gutters and check for proper water flow and drainage. Ensure that there are not any leaks or standing water by the downspout. Then make sure all gutters are secure and firmly attached to the house.

Now that you are done with gutter cleaning, do not forget to repeat this at least once more during the year. While a relatively simple process, you must always remember to carry out the best safety practices when operating from tall ladders. If you require assistance in gutter cleaning, feel free to contact the professionals. Here at SERVPRO of North Nashville, we are experts at any home project and we are more than happy to help!

Add Value To Your Business With A Restoration Project

5/1/2020 (Permalink)

Do you want to add value to your business but not sure how? Well if you have the budget, consider a restoration project to improve your business and attract more customers! Here are some tips to add value to your business through a restoration project:

  • Consider repainting, a little paint can go a long way in updating a space and refreshing your business. Keeping the paint fresh is also an easy way to keep customers impressed. Cover up any chipping on the walls and any other damage.
  • Check to see if your building is properly insulated, if not consider adding more insulation within your walls and even your attic. This will keep heating costs down and keep your customers at a comfortable temperature.
  • Do you have carpeting in your business? It is recommended to switch to hardwood or laminate flooring. While it doesn’t come cheap, it is much easier to clean compared to continually having to vacuum the carpet. Hardwood or laminate flooring is also more durable and fairly easy to install.
  • Does your business have old light fixtures? Think about replacing any outdated fixtures with newer, more modern ones to enhance the appeal of your business. If you cannot afford to do that, consider changing all of your light bulbs to LEDs, which are up to 95% more efficient than fluorescent and incandescent lights. This saves you money on lighting.
  • Remodel the bathrooms of your business. Updating and replacing old fixtures along with repainting the bathrooms will leave a good impression on your customers.
  • If your business has siding, think about replacing it. Old siding can make any good business look shabby.
  • Make your business look more presentable by adding exterior improvements. This can include new paint, and updating the front entry. If the front of your business has shrubbery or a yard, keep it landscaped. This adds to the curb appeal and makes your business more inviting.
  • New windows not only look better but also keep your building more insulated, which saves on energy and heating costs. 

These are some ways you can more easily improve not only the value but also the presentation of your business. Consider these restoration projects next time you think about enhancing the space. If you need any of these projects done by professionals, consider calling SERVPRO of North Nashville for any painting, plumbing, hardwood floor repair, drywall installation, and commercial cleaning. SERVPRO offers a multitude of services, done by seasoned professionals, who are adaptable to any project. Our restoration services are guaranteed to spruce up your business!