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Water Damage Testimonials

OMGoodness!!! Where do I start! My pipes were clogged up causing damage to my bathroom, a bedroom, and a den.. I was devastated and I really didn’t know where to begin.. After I replaced my pipes, the mitigation team came in to do their part.. Ken was a jewel... He talked to me about what was going on and was there for me every step of the way. It took some time to get everything dried up, but the guys took their time and made sure things were done right. I suffer from migraines, so I was really concerned about mold.. They took good care of me! Thanks!

We had a major leak in our basement and we couldn't get the humidity down or the moldy smell to go away. One call to SERVPRO (the one in North Nashville) and their drying equipment solved the problem fast. I'd definitely use them again!

Darren and Octavious were wonderful. They were prompt and courteous and easy to work with.

Professional and efficient! Job well done!

Very efficient and prompt. Couldn't have asked for better service.

Came in and took charge immediately after contacting them. Set up 17 blowers to start the drying process after a water heater burst and spewed over 6 hours of water through the home from the second floor. After the water was removed they opened up the walls and took down a big section of ceiling and aimed the blowers there. It took about a week to dry most everything out. Since this was a second home, we left SERVPRO in charge of replacing the first floor hardwood, cleaning and repairing the walls and moving the furniture. All I had to do was coordinate the replace of the water heater with SERVPRO and the plumber. We returned after the clean-up was complete and everything was done properly, place was clean and everything back to original place. Our project managers for both the response and restoration were excellent and had very good subcontractors. Highly recommended and trustworthy.