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How Quickly Can Mold Spread After Water Damage?

5/26/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growth is a serious problem and when left untreated it can cause a multitude of issues, for your home and health. What is mold? It is a fungus made of decomposed organic material, and in small quantities, it is not usually dangerous. However, it needs to be removed and prevented before growing to an unsafe size. One of the biggest problems with mold is that it can begin to grow in as little as 24 hours after water damage. It grows well in dark and damp environments, but if your home has recently suffered from water damage, then your home is a viable location for mold growth. Besides moisture, mold needs at least three other things to grow: food (any organic material), humid temperature and environment, and oxygen. Has your home recently experienced water damage, and you are afraid of mold growth? Here are some tips to fight it off before it starts:

  • Remove any remaining water and dry areas immediately. Special vacuums are available designed to suck up water, but you can also use traditional tools such as a mop and bucket. If the water came from a natural flood or sewer backup, do not attempt to remove it unless you have adequate protective equipment. This kind of water usually has a cocktail of contaminants that you do not want to touch. Contact the necessary professionals, such as SERVPRO of North Nashville, if you are unable to remove it yourself.
  • Remove any furniture, carpet, and other items not bolted down from the area inflicted with water damage. If they are damp, you can dry them yourself by leaving out in the sun or by using a heater. Mold will grow underneath these carpets if you do not dry them out. 
  • Dry out the affected areas with fans and dehumidifiers, and if the weather outside is sunny and dry, then consider opening any windows and doors to help air out your home. It is also recommended to dry any other wet surfaces with a rag. Eliminate any excess moisture as soon as possible to minimize the occurrence of mold.
  • During this process, be wary of any spores, which can be green, brown, or black. Keep an out on the affected area by looking for any visual signs of growth or odd smells. 
  • If you do find mold, remove it carefully and completely. If you do not remove all of it at once then there is a high possibility that it will regrow. Get rid of any furniture or other items that have begun to grow mold. Clean and sanitize different surfaces and all possible sources of mold. Over-the-counter cleaning solutions are available at your local hardware store that can eliminate bacteria and prevent mold from growing.
  • Try to keep the room’s humidity low in order to keep the mold from growing. You need to keep the room at a low humidity level for at least a few days after this to prevent it. 

Dealing with mold can be dangerous. Even with these steps, it is possible for mold to grow back when you are not careful enough. Black mold is even more dangerous, and if you ever encounter mold or black mold within your home then reach out to the proper professionals to handle it so that you do not endanger yourself or your family. Feel free to call us, SERVPRO of North Nashville, for your mold remediation and restoration needs. We have highly-trained specialists who are always willing to help you remove mold from your home!

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